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Over the next couple of months a great deal of data will be added to the Whiteknights Biodiversity blog. This is a result of funding provided via Reading University UROP (University Research Opportunities Placement –http://www.reading.ac.uk/internal/UROP/) to hire a student (myself), to increase the sharing of information on the biodiversity of the Reading University Whiteknights Campus. I am Justin Groves and have been chosen to carry out this exciting placement. I am currently in my second year of study, studying Applied Ecology and Conservation and hope I can add a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to this blog, inspiring everyone from every country, who accesses the blog to go out and explore and enjoy nature and hopefully encourage other universities to set up such projects. My background is practical nature conservation (the management of sites of wildlife interest), wildlife recording and I have a general interest in all the wildlife around us, especially moths and increasingly thanks to my dissertation, the group Collembola.

I will be starting this project with the more visible and attractive species i.e. the butterflies progressing to the more exclusive groups such as the Lichens giving brief, but some times very detailed, explanations of these fascinating groups.

So keep an eye on this blog interesting information will be coming your way!


About Justin Anthony Groves

As a student of Ecology and Conservation at Reading University i am very interested many other insect groups, botany and the interaction in nature. Over a number of blogs I hope to pass my knowledge to others but also gain from the many other interesting posts.
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