Bird of Interest 5 – Robin

The Robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a familiar British bird and indeed, one of the nations favourites. It is a strongly and conspicuously territorial, and the sexes show no sexual dimorphism, and their plumage stays the ame throughout the entire year.

The adult bird is almost unmistakable with its striking orange-red face, throat and breast; this bordered by blue-grey to the sides. The upper parts are buffish-brown and there is a faint buff wing-bar.

Robin by steve.wilde, on Flickr

The Robin is a widespread and common resident bird in the UK, but its distribution does become more patchy the further north in its range. Several million pairs probably breed in the region as a whole. Passage migrants are also common, and they pass through Britain in the Autumn. The Robin has a rather plain, melancholy song and it can be heard for much of the year, although the species is more vocal in the spring. The alarm call is also commonly heard, and it is a sharp, high-pitched tic.

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