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Hello to all readers and fellow contributors! I’m Torin and I’m currently in my third year, studying Zoology. I’m also another fortunate individual who has been given the opportunity to write blogs for this project!

So what is out there? I aim to look at the ecology of spiders and their interactions with other species.  I will investigate their behavioural and biological changes as the seasons change as well as their diversity on campus. With winter drawing in how will they adapt and where will they go? I will also be looking into our perceptions of these critters and how their populations have changed over time.

So readers it’s all about letting you know what happens on campus that you don’t hear about, what the scaffolding in the hedges could be and what lies beneath your feet…

About Top Cat

I'm currently in the final year of a Zoology undergraduate degree at the University of Reading. Ever the naturalist it has been my desire to embark on a career in research, conservation and science writing. The academic part of my degree is the first step towards this goal but being able to translate science into public consumption is a valuable skill too. For a hopeful science writer this is essential and blogging is thus a great way to improve science communication skills. It has to be said that far flung exotic locations tend to entice the fresh and eager scientist like myself but it is also true that a bounty of natural history sits in our back gardens waiting to be discovered (yes even student house gardens). I hope the blogs express how even the unassuming creatures of Reading deserve more than a footnote...
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