Red Fox

Photo by JOE PETERSBURGER. RM National Geographic.

LATIN NAME: Vulpes vulpes

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: These canines are about 30 inches long (45 including the tail) and usually range in colour from red to brown, although black and grey morphs exist.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Red fox has the largest range of any terrestrial mammal. They are found in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, and North Africa. They are territorial and usually solitary, and there is at least one that calls our campus home.

INTERESTING FACT: The sly, resourceful, and cunning reputation of the fox is well earned. They can be found in habitats as diverse as forests, mountains, deserts, and cities. They are highly adaptable in terms of their diet too, feeding on fruits, vegetables, small animals, insects, pet food, and, notoriously, the contents of rubbish bins.


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