Blogging style survey – February 2013

Two of our part 3 undergraduate students have been engaged in blogging accounts of wildlife on and around campus over the past 6 months.  They are now interested to gain feedback on which styles of blogging are best received by readers.

The aim of this project is to discover what approaches to written style and use of images or other aids makes blogs more useful and which makes them best to read.  To aid in this we aim to gather reader feedback using Bristol Online Surveys to gather data.  The data will be stored on BoS initially and then, in anonymised form, will be stored on DVD associated with the project report and will be used to aid in the design of future blogs.  Results will be published on the Whiteknights Biodiversity blog

You must be 18 or over to complete this questionnaire.

This survey is conducted by Thomas Whitlock and Madeleine Sandilands for their BSc honours projects in  the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading under the supervision of Dr Alastair Culham (

The ‘media’ referred to in the survey may include images, sound files, maps and such like.

Now approved, the survey is available via a link here:  

Information for participants as downloadable pdf: Information for Participants.


About Alastair Culham

A professional botanist and biologist with an interest in promoting biological knowledge and awareness to all.
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