Lichens on lime

A young lime tree in the centre of a patch of grass on the SW side of the University Library is particularly rich in both foliose and fruticose lichens.

Preliminary species list:

  • Candelaria concolor (branches and twigs)
  • cf Candelariella reflexa (frequent on Lecanora thalli – not a normal substrate)
  • Evernia prunastri (occasional – trunks and branches)
  • Hypogymnia physodes (occasional – branches and trunks)
  • Hypogymnia tubulosa (occasional – branches and trunks)
  • Hypotrachyna revoluta (occasional – branches and trunks)
  • Lecanora chlarotera (frequent on branches and trunk)
  • Lecidella elaeochroma (occasional)
  • Melanelixia glabratula (needs confirmation)
  • Melanelixia subaurifera (needs confirmation)
  • Parmelia sulcata (frequent)
  • Parmotrema perlatum (occasional on trunks and larger branches)
  • Physcia adscendens (common on smaller branches and twigs – never dominant)
  • Physcia tenella (common on smaller branches and twigs – never dominant)
  • Punctelia subrudecta (frequent)
  • Ramalina farinacea (occasional on trunks and larger branches)
  • Ramalina fastigata (only one thallus seen fruiting on trunk, other broad Ramalina thalli probably also this species)
  • Usnea cornuta (rare – main trunk)
  • Usnea subfloridana (rare – branches)
  • Xanthoria parietina (occasional on smaller branches and twigs)
  • Xanthoria polycarpa (only one thallus seen)

About Fay Newbery

PhD student in the Plant Pathology Research Group.
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