Site Flora for Whiteknights Park published by BSBI

LeGrice and Jury, Flora of Whiteknights Park - cover.

LeGrice and Jury, Flora of Whiteknights Park – cover.

The Botanical Society of the British Isles publish online documents called ‘Site Floras‘ aimed at providing a document that can be the basis for a repeatable survey of the plants in any given area.  The important elements of a site flora are that: the site is clearly delineated, a comprehensive list fo species for a given time period is presented, the survey technique is repeatable, and the published format is securely stored.

David LeGrice and Stepehen Jury produced such a survey based around David’s final year project.  The flora is now available online.

Since writing this flora several new species have been found on campus and we will be building a more current online version of the records on this blog.

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