Whitenights BioBlitz 2013: The Movie!

BioBlitz the movie thumbBack in June Dr M posted about the University of Reading Whiteknights BioBitz,  a large scale biodiversity event which ran between 7th-8th June 2013. During this 24 hour period a wide range of people got together to identify as many plant and animal species as they could on the University of Reading Whiteknights campus.

The event was organised by Dr Becky Thomas from the School of Biological Sciences and Dr M’s new video “Whiteknights BioBlitz: The Movie” shows Becky and a wide range of local environmental groups in action at the BioBlitz.  At the end of the video Dr M also presents some of the results of the plants and animals recorded during the BioBliz together with some lovely images taken on the day.

BREAKING NEWS! It  has just been announced (2nd August)  that the University of Reading campus has once again won the prestigious Green Flag Award, marking it out as one of the best open places in the country, the BioBlitz results confirm just how green and biodiverse it is!

Further details of the BioBlitz event can be found at the BioBlitz website.


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