KiteSite designer – Liam Basford

I am a second year student studying Typography & Graphic Communication, my interest for joining the biodiversity app team stemmed from my desire to work with people from different fields. As a practicing designer I will be required to work with many different professionals and this project offers a valuable insight into the type of team experience I will be participating in regularly as a professional. Another factor that interested me was the opportunity to have creative licence of branding an app that will be used in the real world which is a great asset to my portfolio.

Kite Site logo designer Liam

Kite Site logo designer Liam

My role in the project is to work with the team and my supervisor to name and design an effective, relevant and appealing brand for the app which symbolises what the app is about. We have recently reached the concluding stages of the brand development which is very exciting. The biggest challenge when designing a brand and in particular a logo is coming up with a good idea and I believe that we have achieved this by keeping the design simple and creating a relationship between the function of the app and the area of where it will be used.

Being involved in a live project is a brilliant experience and working with a diverse team of students and professionals has been a great benefit. I am excited for the next stage of the process and to see the brand materialise into a working app that will be used regularly to aid peoples education.


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