Reading Science Week and the Symbiosis Project

Reading Science Week is here!

The resident exhibition, open from Saturday 15th March and all week, is the Imagining Science Symbiosis Project.

A key member of the Symbiosis project is Immy Smith, an artist and a neuroscientist, with a fascination for biological and surreal imagery.

Immy is currently a visiting artist at University of Reading Herbarium (RNG) which was where Dr M first met Immy and joined her artistic journey around a local lichen twig!

Immy says: “Symbiosis is our current project, about art/science relationships and collaboration. We’re using the symbiotic nature and patterns of lichen to illustrate these relationships.”

“Its a collaboration with Imagining Science and guest artists from all over the world.”

“We’re also working with the University of Reading Herbarium, and EM Lab (Centre for Advanced Microscopy).”

“Along the way the project has travelled across continents, and includes a giant handmade book, 8000 miles in the making.”

“The project will be exhibited for Reading Science Week 2014 where you can join us for lichen drawing, and The Symbiosis Book will be on tour in 2014, so watch this artistically lichenological space!”

Dr M says: Check out my “Imagining lichens” film starring Immy Smith and a lichen twig and set the in the University of Reading Herbarium (RNG)!

Further details of the Symbiosis Project:

When: 15-22 March 2014
Where: Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver St, Reading, UK

Dates & Times:
Saturday 15th: Family drawing day & exhibition – 11am-5pm
Mon 17th & Tue 18th: Art exhibition & The Symbiosis Book – 2pm-5pm
Weds 19th, Thurs 20th, Fri 21st: Art exhibition & The Symbiosis Book – 11am-5pm
Saturday 22nd: Family drawing day & exhibition – 11am-5pm
Please note: Parental supervision of children is required.

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