Magpie Inkcap – Coprinopsis picacea

Thanks to Dave Butlin I can add another toadstool to our campus list – the black with white spots is a distinctive feature of Coprinopsis picacea, the aptly called Magpie Inkcap.  These toadstools were seen today in wood chips and leaf litter under the Catalpa next to the library.

The magpie inkcap, Coprinus picaceus, found on wood chips under the Catalpa speciosa growing byt the Library.

The magpie inkcap, Coprinuopsis picacea, found on wood chips under the Catalpa speciosa tree growing by the Library.

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  1. Chris Foster says:

    This was around in the same area last Autumn (though under the tree next door, I think). How remiss of us to leave it off the list until now! It’s a beauty.

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