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Red Fox

LATIN NAME: Vulpes vulpes WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: These canines are about 30 inches long (45 including the tail) and usually range in colour from red to brown, although black and grey morphs exist. WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Red fox … Continue reading

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Sweet Violet

LATIN NAME: Viola odorata WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE: The distinctive flowers on this plant are usually dark violet or white. Sweet violets are also characterised by their hooked style, and their rear-facing nectar capsule (behind the flower).

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Mute Swan

LATIN NAME: Cygnus olor WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Weighing in at up to fifteen kilos, and with a wingspan of two metres, the Mute Swan is one of Britain’s largest birds. It is less vocal than other swan species, hence the name. It is … Continue reading

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LATIN NAME: Columba palumbus WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Exactly what you’d expect a pigeon to look like, really! It is a grey bird with a pinkish breast and a wingspan of approximately 75cm. The Woodpigeon is distinguishable from other pigeons … Continue reading

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Grey Squirrel

    LATIN NAME: Sciurus carolinensis WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: It’s all in the name really! These big fellas are about 20 inches from head to tail. They’re coat can be any shade from black to pale grey. It is tinted … Continue reading

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Hey There!

Hi! My name’s Conor, and I’m a third year Biologist. I intend for my contribution to this blog to consist of a review of existing literature that might denote the biodiversity we would expect to find on Whiteknight’s Campus (to … Continue reading

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