Powdery mildew – 2015

Approximately 54 species of powdery mildew have been identified in 2015; from 8 genera and all 5 tribes.

This is an increase from the 34 found in the 2013 season (approximately April – October), from 8 different genera. Almost definitely due to the increased sampling size (from 43 samples from Reading to 353 samples with a UK wide distribution).

However the 54 species identified in 2015 is less than the 59 species found in the 2014 season from 10 different genera. I put this reduction down to my increasing cynicism in my ability to discern closely related species of the powdery mildew. As such you will see an increased number of powdery mildews on their hosts identified only as far as genus (e.g. Erysiphe sp.).

Powdery mildew species are listed below, like last year,  in order of phylogeny (most newly evolved genera (within the tribe Erysipheae) to oldest/most basal genera (within the tribe Blumerieae).

Tribe Final ID Genus
Erysipheae Erysiphe aquilegiae var. ranunculi Ranunuculus
Erysipheae Erysiphe alphitoides Quercus, Wisteria
Erysipheae Erysiphe aquilegiae Aquilegia , Delphinium, Ranunuculus
Erysipheae Erysiphe beberidis  Berberis, Mahonia 
Erysipheae Erysiphe buhrii Lychnis, Silene
Erysipheae Erysiphe catalpae Catalpa 
Erysipheae Erysiphe circaeae Circaea 
Erysipheae Erysiphe cruciferarum Alliaria, Brassica, Plantago, Sisymbrium 
Erysipheae Erysiphe elevata Catalpa 
Erysipheae Erysiphe euonymicola Euonymus
Erysipheae Erysiphe flexuosa Aesculus
Erysipheae Erysiphe hedwigii Viburnum 
Erysipheae Erysiphe heraclei Anthriscus , Heracleum
Erysipheae Erysiphe necator Vitis
Erysipheae Erysiphe platani Platanus
Erysipheae Erysiphe polygoni Polygonum
Erysipheae Erysiphe simulans Rosa 
Erysipheae Erysiphe sp. Anthyllis, Berberidis, Hypericum, Lathyrus, Lonicera, Lupinus, Melilotus, Populus, Quercus, Salix, Trifolium, Urtica, Vicia, Wisteria
Erysipheae Erysiphe symphoricarpi Symphoricarpos
Erysipheae Erysiphe trifolii Lathyrus, Lupinus, Tirfolium
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces artemisiae Artemisia
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces asterum var. asterum Aster
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces biocellaris Salvia
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces biocellatus Mentha
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces cichoracearum Cosmos, Lactuca, Lapsana, Pilosella, Solidago, Sonchus
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces cynoglossi Myosotis , Onosma, Pulmonaria, Symphytum
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces depressus Arctium, Centaurea 
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces magnicellulatus var. magnicellulatus Phlox 
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces orontii Cucurbita, Viola
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces sordidus Plantago 
Golovinomyceteae Golovinomyces sp. Artemisia, Sonchus, Verbascum
Golovinomyceteae Arthrocladiella mougeotii Lycium 
Golovinomyceteae Neoerysiphe galeopsidis Acanthus, Ballota, Lamium, Stachys
Golovinomyceteae Neoerysiphe galii Galium
Golovinomyceteae Neoerysiphe geranii Delphinium, Geranium 
Golovinomyceteae Neoerysiphe nevoi Sonchus, Taraxacum 
Phyllactineae Phyllactinia fraxini Fraxinus
Cystotheceae Sawadaea bicornis Acer, Quercus
Cystotheceae Sawadaea sp. Acer 
Cystotheceae Sawadaea tulasnei Acer 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera alpina Heuchera, Tellima
Cystotheceae Podosphaera amelanchieris Amelanchier 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera aphanis Fragaria, Geum, Potentilla, Rubus
Cystotheceae Podosphaera clandestina Crataegus, Malus, Mespilus, Vicia
Cystotheceae Podosphaera epilobi Epilobium
Cystotheceae Podosphaera euphorbiae-helioscopiae Euphorbia
Cystotheceae Podosphaera fugax Geranium 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera fusca Matricaria
Cystotheceae Podosphaera leucotricha Malus 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera macularis Humulus
Cystotheceae Podosphaera mors-uvae Ribes 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera pannosa Prunus, Rosa 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera plantaginis Plantago 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera sp. Euphorbia, Plantago, Prunus, Taraxacum 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera spiraeae Filipendula, Spiraea
Cystotheceae Podosphaera tridactyla Prunus 
Cystotheceae Podosphaera xanthii Taraxacum 
Blumerieae Blumeria graminis Poa, Holcus, Phleum

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