Family Scientific Name Common Name
Arthoniaceae Arthonia radiata
Lecanoraceae Lecanora chlarotera
Lecanoraceae Lecanora dispersa
Lecanoraceae Lecanora expallens
Lecanoraceae Lecanora muralis
Lecanoraceae Lecidella elaeochroma
Parmeliaceae Evernia prunastri Oak Moss
Parmeliaceae Hypogymnia physodes
Parmeliaceae Hypotrachyna revoluta
Parmeliaceae Melanelixia glabratula
Parmeliaceae Parmotrema perlatum
Parmeliaceae Punctelia subrudecta
Physciaceae Phaeophyscia orbicularis
Physciaceae Physcia adscendens
Physciaceae Physcia tenella
Teloschistaceae Caloplaca holocarpa
Teloschistaceae Xanthoria parietina Common Orange Lichen
Teloschistaceae Xanthoria polycarpa
Caliciaceae Amandinea punctata
Verrucariaceae Verrucaria nigrescens

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  1. Fay Newbery says:

    If someone would like to check the card index for lichens on campus, this list could be expanded.

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