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Red Fox

LATIN NAME: Vulpes vulpes WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: These canines are about 30 inches long (45 including the tail) and usually range in colour from red to brown, although black and grey morphs exist. WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Red fox … Continue reading

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Grey Squirrel

    LATIN NAME: Sciurus carolinensis WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: It’s all in the name really! These big fellas are about 20 inches from head to tail. They’re coat can be any shade from black to pale grey. It is tinted … Continue reading

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A Note On Some Interesting Species

It has been a hectic, tiring and very interesting few weeks! In my previous post, I explained that I was performing some bird surveys around campus to establish an idea of the biodiversity of the area. I have managed to … Continue reading

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