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The Palm Family: Plants with a Heart

The Arecaceae, better known as the palm family, is one of the world’s most iconic plant groups. Comprised of approximately 2600 species across 181 genera (Christenhusz and Byng, 2016), this is a large and diverse family, yet simultaneously one of … Continue reading

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Powdery mildew phenology; it will be back!

Over the next few months I will be bringing you up to speed with the, increasingly specific, workings of powdery mildews (PMs) (Erysiphales) present on the University of Reading, Whiteknights, campus during the past year. Records and sitings on campus … Continue reading

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Autumn Phenology

Introduction to the recording of autumn phenology on Whiteknights campus Whiteknights campus plays host to a wide range of phenological events throughout the year, this is due to the highly diversity collection of organisms present within the campus (as highlighted … Continue reading

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UoRPMN Budburst

Budburst is the emergence of new leaves on plants, which signals the beginning of a new growing season cycle. (GLOBE) Budburst is one of the more commonly recorded phenophases, many organisations and phenological networks carrying out recording for this seasonal event, including: Project … Continue reading

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Whiteknights Temperatures – Climate change

Over the past few days I have been analysing the data collected on Whiteknights campus at the meterological station for both temperature and rainfall for the past 43 years. This is a large  set of data, covering a reasonable length of time, showing … Continue reading

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