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Lichens on lime

A young lime tree in the centre of a patch of grass on the SW side of the University Library is particularly rich in both foliose and fruticose lichens.

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Nitrophilous Lichens

Nitrogen loving (nitrophilous) lichens grow well in situations where there are relatively high levels of nitrogen compounds. Large quantities of nitrogen compounds enter our atmosphere from vehicle exhaust, through artificial agricultural fertiliser input (and subsequent decay into air bore pollutants) … Continue reading

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The Lichen Symbiosis Part 2

Lichens are a partnership. This can involve two or more partners in the one species. The partners are firstly mycobiont fungi often ascomycota, of which ascomycota forms the largest phylum of the kingdom fungi. Ascomycota contains 75% of all described fungi species and is … Continue reading

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The Lichen Symbiosis Part 1

Lichens are an abundant and very diverse group, with the BLS estimating that there are over 2000 species in the UK, with many new species and morphs being found, and added to the list each year! Across the globe there … Continue reading

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On line identification – crowd sourcing

Getting help with identification of species can be challenging.  For plants you can join the Botanical Society of the British Isles and become involved with a whole network of specialist professionals and amateurs and this is also possible for many … Continue reading

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Can you help develop the Whiteknights Biodiversity Blog? UROP provides £1200 to give one student a chance to make a difference.

Delivering Diversity: Whiteknights’ biodiversity on the web An exciting opportunity to help make publicly available, knowledge of the biodiversity on Whiteknights Campus through development of a web site and enhancement of Whiteknights Biodiversity blog. Supervised by: Alastair Culham The Placement Project … Continue reading

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A fungi to know…

I came across this fine specimen of Clitocybe, part of a larger larger group, in the Wilderness one weekend before Christmas, and this species was very abundant on campus in 2011.  Globally, there are hundreds of species of Clitocybe which are generally … Continue reading

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