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Campus 21st May 2014

Sometimes my walk in to work is so amazing I just have to take some photos.  Today I wanted to check on the progress with the developing reed beds that will promote greater biodiversity around Whiteknights lake.  The blue sky … Continue reading

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Mousetail – not extinct on campus

Mousetail (Myosurus minimus) was reported in the Flora of Whiteknights Park as ‘believed to be extinct’. It had been previously recorded ‘in disturbed soil and gravel outside PSL’ (the Harborne Building). The area where it had been known had been … Continue reading

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Small-flowered buttercup – gone!

Last year I found a group of Small-flowered buttercup (Ranunculus parviflorus) on campus. This species is on the Rare Plant Register for Berkshire and South Oxfordshire. It occurs on disturbed dry ground such as arable fields and in the centre … Continue reading

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Dr M and his students go on a New Year Plant Hunt!

Dr M’s New Year Plant Hunt (borrowed from the idea by BSBI) took place on Tuesday 14th January 2014. Three groups of MSc Plant Diversity and MSc SISS students walked the University of Reading Whiteknights campus for 1 hour each in the chilly sunshine … Continue reading

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Interesting plants near Earley Gate

There are some interesting plants appearing around the old buildings near Earley Gate. A particularly interesting piece of ground is the site of an old greenhouse adjoining the lawn to the north-east of the Agriculture Building. This looks like a … Continue reading

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I can’t believe its not butter….cup

  The buttercup or crowfoot family, Ranunculaceae which in latin means Little frog is linked to their tendancy to be found near water, like frogs.  The three common Ranunculus species found on campus are grassland species and can easily be identified as follows. … Continue reading

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