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Liverworts – Hepatophyta

Mosses & Liverworts of Whiteknights: 2. Epiphytic Liverworts

2. Epiphytic Liverworts This is the third in a series of posts exploring the mosses and liverworts (bryophytes) of the Whiteknights campus. My first two posts introduced some common and not so common mosses of trees (epiphytes), and this post will … Continue reading

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Lichen exploration on campus

Whiteknights is an amazing teaching resource. Recently I led a lichen ‘walk’ for the Reading District Natural History Society from the car-park in front of the Harborne Building. I’ve put ‘walk’ in inverted commas because we really didn’t walk very … Continue reading

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New Balloons on campus!

As part of the University of Reading MSc Plant Diversity and MSc SISS students make a collection of lower plants (lichens, mosses and liverworts).  Often the campus provides a useful source of material and this year is no exception!  Amongst … Continue reading

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