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Flying Saucer Hunt

Last July we added White-letter hairstreak to the campus species list. It’s impossible to say whether it was a stray individual (revisiting my photograph it was a pretty beaten up specimen!) or part of a breeding colony on campus. It … Continue reading

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UK Fungus Day @UniofReading notes 3

I’m still working through numerous photos and trying to edit them – several of today’s blog batch are those our MSc Plant Diversity (#MScPlDiv) students tried to identify the next day.  Note that not all the names scribbled on the … Continue reading

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Dr M and his students go on a New Year Plant Hunt!

Dr M’s New Year Plant Hunt (borrowed from the idea by BSBI) took place on Tuesday 14th January 2014. Three groups of MSc Plant Diversity and MSc SISS students walked the University of Reading Whiteknights campus for 1 hour each in the chilly sunshine … Continue reading

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Powdery mildew phenology; it will be back!

Over the next few months I will be bringing you up to speed with the, increasingly specific, workings of powdery mildews (PMs) (Erysiphales) present on the University of Reading, Whiteknights, campus during the past year. Records and sitings on campus … Continue reading

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Whitenights BioBlitz 2013: The Movie!

Back in June Dr M posted about the University of Reading Whiteknights BioBitz,  a large scale biodiversity event which ran between 7th-8th June 2013. During this 24 hour period a wide range of people got together to identify as many … Continue reading

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Autumn Phenology

Introduction to the recording of autumn phenology on Whiteknights campus Whiteknights campus plays host to a wide range of phenological events throughout the year, this is due to the highly diversity collection of organisms present within the campus (as highlighted … Continue reading

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UoRPMN pond surveys

Part of the UoRPMN‘s (University of Reading Phenological Monitoring Network) aim is to record as many phenological events as possible that occur on the campus. One area which has sparked great interest among project students over the last year has been the … Continue reading

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BioBlitz vascular plant species quiz…and the winner is…

Question: How many vascular plant species were recorded on campus during the 24 hours of the University of Reading BioBlitz 2013? Well the records have now all been submitted and checked and here at Whiteknights Biodiversity  Dr M is proud to announce … Continue reading

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eXtreme Bioblitz Botany!

Botanical records from the University of Reading Bioblitz last weekend currently being collated by Dr M, how many vascular plant species (native/naturalised) do you think are on the campus?  Results coming soon…

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BioBlitz Highlights

What a weekend! As well as amazing weather, we were lucky to have so many enthusiastic people joining us at the first ever Whiteknights BioBlitz. Friday night saw a large group gather for the start of the bat walk, run … Continue reading

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