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Looking down 3

This week, while collecting samples of Ginkgo leaves from the tree behind Whiteknights House, I noticed that the remaining leaves seemed to be caught upright in the lengthening grass. I assumed to start with that the leaves were being held … Continue reading

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Living fossils on campus

Some species have been described over the years as ‘living fossils’ because they are the last survivors from groups that were once common in the fossil record. The Coelacanth is an example. It belongs to a group of fish first known only from the … Continue reading

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Ginkgo biloba – and a new book from a Reading Alumnus

We have a few plants of Ginkgo biloba on campus, all of which are fairly small and young compared with the historic specimen at Kew gardens.  However that tree is small compared with the huge specimens that can be seen … Continue reading

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