You can explore and map the information within our database (as it currently stands) here.

Information packs

Towards the end of the project, we will produce a series of resource packs aimed at primary schools and designed to help teachers teach prehistory in their region. These will focus on some of the key burials in our study and will be available free as pdfs. In order to ‘bring the past to life’ for primary age children, we have commissioned new reconstruction drawings of three notable burials. The packs will also include the results of our ‘Inspired by the Past’ poetry commission from internationally-renowned children’s poet Michael Rosen.

British Museum

Teaching History with 100 objects

100 resources for schools based on objects selected from museums across England:

Family trails to follow in the museum

Collect your free trail from the Families Desk in the Great Court at weekends and every day during school holidays, or download an electronic version here:

Prehistoric Society educational resource hub

This resource is currently under construction. We will add a link to it here once it goes live.