Information packs

As part of the Grave Goods project, we have produced a resource pack designed to facilitate the teaching of prehistory (Stone Age to Iron Age) in primary schools (ages 7-11). This focuses on prehistoric burial and the often-spectacular objects placed with the dead. The pack features three new poems by children’s poet Michael Rosen – inspired by three real prehistoric burials – as well as a series of imaginative reconstruction illustrations.

Download the resource pack here

Michael Rosen poem videos

You can watch Michael Rosen reading our prehistoric burial poems, along with many others, on his YouTube channel:


You can explore and map the information within our database (as it currently stands) here.

British Museum

Teaching History with 100 objects

100 resources for schools based on objects selected from museums across England:

Family trails to follow in the museum

Collect your free trail from the Families Desk in the Great Court at weekends and every day during school holidays, or download an electronic version here: