IDC 2014: Information design matters

Information design association conference 2014

Here at CIDR we are gearing up for the next Information Design Association (IDA) conference, Information design matters, on 7–8 April at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London. There is an impressive programme, which promises to provoke some interesting debate.

The programme sections cover:

  • Visualising information
  • Design for health and wellbeing
  • Information narratives
  • Crossing boundaries in information design
  • Information environments
  • Theory to inform practice in information design
  • and a panel debate

along with guest speakers, Ken Garland and Michael Blastland.

The line up of speakers includes many friends and colleagues, past and present, including Sue Walker presenting her recent research Designing information for children: how Marie Neurath and her team did it. Eric Kindel will also be discussing the Isotype Institute’s important post-war publications, Future books and Future magazine, comparing design approaches, and the relationship between editorial strategy and the graphic presentation of information.

Of course CIDR will also be discussing our work with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to create a manual for carers of people with dementia. Alison Black will discuss how user research informs design decision-making and will look at the role of different kinds of research in the development of a complex document.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, book now, come along and join the debate.

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