New research to combat anti-microbial resistance

We are excited by the success of the research bid led by Sue Walker, Information design and architecture in persuasive pharmacy space: combating anti-microbial resistance (IDAPPS), which she submitted to AHRC, with Reading colleagues Flora Samuels, in Architecture, and Rosemary Lim in Pharmacy, and with Sue Hignett of University of Loughborough’s Design School. The project will consider the communication of information to combat the spread of infectious diseases historically, and work in the contemporary setting of community pharmacies, along with project partners, pharmacy chain Day Lewis, and communication design group, Design Science, to explore the use of pharmacies as spaces to communicate vital health information to wide-ranging audiences. The World Health Organisation has identified antimicrobial resistance as an increasingly serious threat to global public health which, without control, will threaten our ability to treat common infectious diseases and carry out even routine surgical or therapeutic treatments (such as hip replacements or diabetes management) which we currently take for granted.

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