Karen Goulding leaves The Learning Hub after 5 wonderful years of creating the “jewel in our crown”..

Karen Goulding is leaving the IoE and the The Learning Hub after five wonderful years of nurturing students and staff alike and creating what has become the “jewel in our crown”. A constant refrain among those first entering The Hub is just one word – “Wow!”

Karen and friend busy at The Learning Hub
Karen and friend busy at The Learning Hub

So many memories: the guide dog sessions
 guide dog 3

Meeting “Father of the Internet” Dr Vinton G Cerf

Vint Cerf at the Learning Hub
Vint Cerf at the Learning Hub

discoveries of long lost treasures

the rampaging dragons situation
don't you dare, dragon

…..among many, many more colourful, inspiring and enticing events that Karen has brought to the Hub.

Dr Margaret Perkins, Director, Primary School Direct at the IOE said of Karen:teddy robber

“Karen came to Reading charged with the task of running what was then called the resources centre and amalgamating it with the Reading Centre. That was no mean feat and the result is the marvellous place we have called the Learning Hub. The Learning Hub is the jewel in our crown and is the envy of many colleagues from other institutions. It is a drawing point for students and teachers alike.

“The change in name is, I think, indicative of why the Learning Hub is at the heart of our campus – both in location and in philosophy and practice. I have heard many people come into the Learning Hub and just say ‘Wow!’ I can understand why and that is down to Karen.

Raymond Wilson boy reading
Raymond Wilson boy reading

“Her skill is making learning attractive, relevant, exciting and vibrant. She shows our students how to manage learning using resources effectively and connectedly. Her tweets have made the Learning Hub and Reading known widely and give Reading a strong voice within the community of practice and the wider world.

“I have never known Karen say No. it has been a joy to work with her on sessions, to plan and talk with her about resources and just to chat about what the students are doing. We understand completely why Karen is going – it seems entirely reasonable to want to live in the same country as your husband – but we are going to miss her so much. She has changed a resource centre into a hub of learning and long may it continue.

“Karen, you leave a powerful legacy and difficult shoes to fill. We wish you every happiness and success – continue to tweet and keep in touch!” Child-reading-a-magical-book-web-620x350

Words we all echo……..

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