China University of Mining and Technology Summer School

We have an exciting opportunity for you to study virtually for free with the China University of Mining and Technology. Starting on Monday 5th July and ending on Friday 16th July.

You have the opportunity to study one of the courses below. This is an amazing opportunity giving you the chance to learn modules that are not offered in the UK. The chance to study with on of the key universities in China, giving you an international experience from your home. You will be able to interact with students from around the world as well as China. This is a great addition to  your degree, which can be added to your CV and enhance your knowledge.

B1 Chinese History and Economy

B2 An Introduction to Traditional Chinese and European Architecture

B3 Intercultural Communication(ICC) with The Chinese

A1 Modern Mining Technology and Safety Engineering

A2 Advanced Manufacturing Technology

A3 Renewable Energy

If you would like to take part in this summer school please email with which course you would like to take. Please email by 12pm on Tuesday 1st June.

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