Biodiversity Horizons 2013

Last week five members of the Reading i4Life team joined our other i4Life partners at the Biodiversity Horizons 2013 conference in Rome to share ideas on a Biodiversity research roadmap for the Horizon 2020 framework due to start next year.  The conference was led by Alex Hardisty and Dave Roberts in partnership with may other Framework 7 projects.

Biodiversity Horizons 2013

Biodiversity Horizons 2013

A wide range of scientists and policy makers joined the meeting ensuring the discussion ranged from detailed accounts of data workflows, applications of biodiversity modelling, policy and technology approaches.  A detailed breakdown of talks, posters and demonstration sessions is available on the BIH13 web site.

Quentin Groom's (@cabbageleek) visualisation of Twitter connectivity during #BIH13.

Quentin Groom’s (@cabbageleek) visualisation of Twitter connectivity during #BIH13.

Conference activity was reported via Twitter with #BIH13 and demonstrated the power of web 2.0 tools by showing some academics who were not physically present at the meeting as strongly present via Twitter.

As well as the general discussions on Biodiversity policy, plans and needs that we participated in we ran a workshop to describe and demonstrate the new tools and services developed during the project.  These talks are posted on the i4Life website.



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