Watson-Praeger vice-counties now on Wikidata

One of J.E. Lousely's specimens from RNG  including reference to a vice-county

One of J.E. Lousely’s specimens from RNG including reference to a vice-county

In the UK much botanical recording was based around Watsonian Vice Counties starting in the south west with VC1 – West Cornwall with Scilly and ending with VC112 – Shetland.  The equivalent in Ireland are those of Praeger – each prefixed with H for Hibernia – running from H1 – South Kerry to H40 – Londonderry.  Andy Mabbett (@pigsonthewing) has created an entry on Wikidata for each vice-county.  This will enable linking of data from many sources to the geographical region.

Around half of the UK plant specimens held at RNG record the vice-county including the historic collection by J.E. Lousley.  We are in the process of moving our data to a new system and I can now look at ways to link our records in to the wikidata references.

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  1. Andy Mabbett says:

    Thank you for the kind words; it’s good to know my efforts will be useful.

    Lousley is on Wikidata, too, of course: Q6206655.

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