Further Reading

Deaf and Hard of  Hearing


  • Research identifying characteristics of effective teachers, and qualities of master teachers of the deaf

(PDF) Meeting the Challenges of Deaf Education Teacher Preparation: Innovative Practices in Online Learning (researchgate.net)

  • An article sharing the experience of the development of an accessible virtual learning environment for a training course focused on teachers entering the public school system in São Paulo, Brazil

(PDF) An Online Accessible Learning Environment for a Selection and Training Process of Teachers in the Public Basic Education System in Brazil (researchgate.net)

  • This case study discusses the current gap in knowledge of how to best support Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing learners in online classrooms in higher education in the USA, and shares recommendations for instructors, course designers and program administrators

Best Practices for Inclusivity of Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing Students in the Synchronous Online Classroom | Carpenter | World Journal of Education (sciedupress.com)

  • This study investigates how an emergent system of e-learning that started during crisis conditions affects the linguistic access of deaf students in Trinidad and Tobago

Deaf students’ linguistic access in online education: The case of Trinidad (researchgate.net)

  • This study aims to investigate the e-learning experiences of deaf students, focusing on the college of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Education Sciences | Free Full-Text | I Cannot See You—The Perspectives of Deaf Students to Online Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic: Saudi Arabia Case Study | HTML (mdpi.com)

  • This article presents a comparative study of the perception and attitude of blind and deaf students towards the use of a learning platform adapted to their personal needs

Improving Accessibility in Online Education: Comparative Analysis of Attitudes of Blind and Deaf Students Toward an Adapted Learning Platform | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the perceptions regarding the technological instruction and accommodations provided to deaf students in online distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Using online information technology for deaf students during COVID-19: A closer look from experience (nih.gov)


  • This article proposes a model which describes the three barriers deaf students might encounter in an online learning situation. Recommendations and considerations are provided to better serve this unique population of students across all layers and points of access

Accessibility in Online Courses: Understanding the Deaf Learner | SpringerLink

  • An example of a YouTube channel developed in the USA to focus on providing instructional videos that present different educational activities in a way that can be easily accessed by DHH students, their parents, and their teachers

(PDF) Creating a YouTube Channel to Equip Parents and Teachers of Students Who are Deaf (researchgate.net)



  • This paper reports on a trans-Atlantic project which utilised student employees to convert and develop inclusive learning materials for their peers, with the expressed purpose of piloting a sustainable intervention method generalisable to meeting similar needs of diverse universities

Engaging and training students in the development of inclusive learning materials for their peers | Request PDF (researchgate.net)

  • An exploration and appraisal of the first-hand experiences of students with disabilities studying online with a particular focus on inclusivity

(PDF) Towards Another Level of Borderlessness: Qualitative Investigation into Online Learning Experience of Students with Disabilities (researchgate.net)

  • Research defining the need for the creation of an accessible Learning Management System (LMS – an e-learning system) which provides accessibility solutions for students

2021 – Accessible Learning Management Systems: Students’ Experiences and Insights

  • The aim of this study was to discover the nature of barriers faced by students with dyslexia at an Australian regional university where two thirds of the overall population had a distance component to their study

2021-An exploratory study of students with dyslexia in a mixed online and on-campus environment at an Australian regional university

English as a Second or Other Language


  • Video captions, also known as same-language subtitles, benefit everyone who watches videos (children, adolescents, college students, and adults). More than 100 empirical studies document that captioning a video improves comprehension of, attention to, and memory for the video

(PDF) Video Captions Benefit Everyone (researchgate.net)

  • Research on computer-assisted and video-based educational techniques has almost invariably found that these media have positive effects on learner motivation. This article presents a study of integrated computer technology which incorporates pace-controlled syntactic chunking in a captioned video presentation

Leveling the Playing Field: A Study of Captioned Interactive Video for Second Language Learning | Request PDF (researchgate.net)

  • This paper surveys research on language teaching and learning using these and older technologies since 1999, and maps out some pointers for future research

Déjà vu? A decade of research on language laboratories, television and video in language learning | Request PDF (researchgate.net)


  • Blog on Captions in Online Education

How Closed Captions Are Revolutionizing Online Education – Empire Caption Solutions

  • Practical Guide on Captioning from the University of Dundee

Video accessibility: Captioning, subtitles and transcripts | University of Dundee

  • DIY Captioning

Caption It Yourself: Basic Guidelines for Busy Teachers, Families, and Others Who Shoot Their Own Video (dcmp.org)

  • University of Reading advice on captioning

Why caption my videos? – Technology Enhanced Learning (reading.ac.uk)



  • A chapter illustrating the process of making inclusive course design habitual so that it is more resilient to the problems such as the COVID crisis but also be more inclusive in general

2021-A New Normal in Inclusive Usable Online Learning Experiences

  • Green Screen usage

How to use a green screen | How does a green screen work | Adobe


  • BSL Sign Bank

British Sign Language BSL Video Dictionary – bank (signbsl.com)