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lionThe Early Modern Research Centre (EMRC) at the University of Reading has a long-standing international reputation for research excellence. It brings together academic staff and their postgraduates from English, History, Politics,

European Studies, and Classics; supports MAs in early modern English and in early modern History; provides the context for a number of externally-funded research projects; runs a series of conferences, colloquia and seminars; and hosts the Palgrave Macmillan series Early Modern Literature in History.

Research in the EMRC is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. The centre supports networks of scholars specialising in key areas across the spectrum of early modern studies – cultures of print and manuscript, cultures of performance, history of ideas, the clergy and the long reformation, and economic history. Reading has an excellent infrastructure for supporting research projects in the period.

The Centre hosts a well-established and innovative annual programme of seminars and international conferences. Past conferences include: ‘Drink and Conviviality’ (2001); ‘Text and Image’ (2002); ‘James VI and I’ (2003); ‘Europe and the Islamic World’ (2004), ‘Land, Landscape and Environment’ (2008), ‘Authority and Authorities’ (2009), ‘Controversy, Protest, Ridicule and Laughter’ (2010), and ‘Commerce: Negotiations and Exchanges’ (2011). The EMRC provides a lively and supportive environment for academic staff and postgraduate students.

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  1. Anne says:

    Thirty years ago I had a prayer by John Donne read at my wedding. I would love to have it at the daughter’s wedding next month, and can’t find it. Would you know of a prayer by Donne suitable for a wedding -I believe it was from one of his sermons? Thank you.

    • emrc says:

      Hi Anne,
      Donne did preach at a couple of weddings ( Sir Francis Nethersoles in around February 1620 and then Margaret Washington’s in 1621). I’ve looked in the standard edition of Donne’s sermons (edited Potter and Simpson, University of California Press, volumes II and III), and there isn’t a separate prayer before either sermon, so the prayer may be an extract from the sermon?
      If you can’t get to a library that has the Potter and Simpson edition, you could look through the sermons for the extract you need by going to this website:http://lib.byu.edu/digital/donne/
      and searching for the sermons (choose ‘Marriages’ under the search box for ‘occasions’).
      Failing that, there is an edition of Donne’s works that includes lots of the more ‘quotable’ excerpts from the sermons and other prose works, and you might find it there. It’s an Oxford World’s Classics edition, so it’s widely available and not expensive: John Donne, The Major Works, ed. John Carey, 2000).
      Good luck!

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  3. Solar says:

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