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Studying English Literature with a Language


Although I started my journey at Reading University as a single honours English Literature student, I am writing now as fourth year – having changed my degree programme at the beginning of second year to one of joint honours English Literature and German.  It was the best decision I have ever made.

But why? Perhaps it was the Year Abroad in third year spent in a tiny town in the middle of the Black Forest.  Perhaps it is my new found confidence in my own ability to stand on my own two feet.  Perhaps it is the opportunity I had to teach a class of enraptured German Sixth Form students the works of my favourite poet.  Perhaps it is the glow of pride I get whenever I write of my own achievements on a job application.  Perhaps it is the stash of hand written cake recipes given to me by my elderly German landlady.  Most likely it is because my experiences inspire me on a daily basis, right from my dissertation topic to what I eat for dinner at night.

Studying English Literature with a Language

Whatever it is, languages have undeniably aided and enriched my grounding and knowledge of literature, as well as presenting me with once in a lifetime opportunities which I will treasure far beyond my life as a student.



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