Even more good news…

After all the undergraduate newsletter items on this blog recently, it is nice to hear that the good news does not finish when our students graduate. A recent graduate wrote to us with her news…

Siobhan Connelly (President of AIESEC in Tanzania) writes:

After finishing University exams I moved to Tanzania – I worked managing National Events and Corporate partnerships for a Global NGO called AIESEC – it’s a youth leadership development organisation. We run international internships and volunteering opportunities across 124 countries/territories with the vision of creating peace by developing the leaders the world needs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDJQOJCFPng (There is a local branch in Reading; I started volunteering when I was at University).

As of June this year I chair the East Africa division of the organisation and manage the National Branch in Tanzania. We just recruited our newest members in Tanzania so I’m now managing 500 young people in 7 local branches across the country, and teaching them to run an international organisation!

Been a crazy couple of years, but I am doing well!

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