15th General Election (closed 18 Nov)

Corresponding to the special holiday for students from 17-21 Nov, all loans due on those dates will be moved to 22 Nov.

Please check your accounts via Enterprise to verify. If you have enquiries, please reach out to us to clarify.

Note: the LRC remains open on 17 & 21 Nov (Thu & Mon).

Email : lrc@reading.edu.my
Phone : 07 2686315

Cashless Payment

You may now make cashless payment at the LRC e.g. fines, with your e-wallet or mobile banking app. This will be an added convenience for our patrons. Just scan the National QR code (ie. DuitNow) available at the information counter.

Remember to key-in the payment details to identify yourself and the reason for the transaction.

However, we still accept cash payment as usual.


Enterprise face lift

Don’t be surprised if you noticed that Enterprise is looking slightly different. It has been given a face lift with a more vibrant look.

But rest assured that all features are still there. You can still search for your books, resources and check your account.

Tell us what you think.

Closed on 17 Jun

The LRC will be closed on 17 Jun, Friday. This is to facilitate carpet vacuuming and shampooing which is done annually. The entire process will take 2 days to complete ie. Friday and Saturday.

We will resume normal operating hours on 20 Jun, Monday with a refreshed floor space.


If you have a book or books to give away, you may drop them off at the Book Exchange Corner. You’ll never know who might benefit from your contributions. At the same time you might just pick up a good read for yourself. Let’s all share and prolong the sustainability of these books.

At the LRC, there are also old edition titles for sale at a very low price. The full list is available at the same corner.

Hari Raya break

We are closed on 2 May, Monday due to Labour Day and 3 – 5 May, Tuesday to Thursday in conjunction with Hari Raya Celebrations.

Operations will resume on 6 May, Friday.

The LRC wishes all a happy and safe celebration over the long weekend.