CNY 2024 Opening Hours

Opening hours before and after the Chinese New Year 2024 weekend will be as follows:

8 Feb Thursday &  13 Feb Tuesday :  8.30 am to 5.30pm

9 Feb Friday & 12 Feb Monday :  Closed.

Normal operating hours resumes on 13 February.

The LRC wishes all a safe and enjoyable Chinese New Year Celebration.

2 & 5 June Campus Closed

The LRC will be closed on 2 June 2023. This is a replacement public holiday.

Please also note that 5 June is a national holiday in conjunction with the Agong’s Birthday.

Normal operation hours will resume on 6 Jun, Tue.

Closed on 17 Jun

The LRC will be closed on 17 Jun, Friday. This is to facilitate carpet vacuuming and shampooing which is done annually. The entire process will take 2 days to complete ie. Friday and Saturday.

We will resume normal operating hours on 20 Jun, Monday with a refreshed floor space.

Hari Raya break

We are closed on 2 May, Monday due to Labour Day and 3 – 5 May, Tuesday to Thursday in conjunction with Hari Raya Celebrations.

Operations will resume on 6 May, Friday.

The LRC wishes all a happy and safe celebration over the long weekend.

Year End Break 2021

The year will be coming to a close soon. And so it’s time to take a well deserved break. The LRC will be closed on

24 Dec to 28 Dec 2021.

We will resume operation on 29 Dec 21 and usher in a brand new year.

May you have a sweet Christmas weekend.



Welcome Back come 15 Oct

After a long lock-down, the Campus will re-open and so will the LRC on 15 Oct 2021.


Before you rush to the Campus please check that you have fulfill the requirements such as being fully-vaccinated. Click here for further information.


If you have loans with the LRC, take note that automatic renewal will no longer apply. Please ensure you return the books or renew them on-line. If you need assistance please contact us at


For the safety and comfort of everyone please ensure you comply with the University guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and wearing a mask properly. You are also required to use earphones if you are attending virtual classes to minimise distractions on other LRC users.

Bye-bye 2020

As the term is coming to an end, it is time for you to put your books away and take a break. Although the campus is closed to students, you may return your book loans by post to:

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
University of Reading Malaysia
Persiaran Graduan
79200 Iskandar Puteri

Should you have any enquiries please email to

Please take note that the year end campus break is from 24-30 Dec 2020.

Studying at home

As you continue to study online off campus, please note that if you have any loans due from 2 Nov it will be automatically renewed. You can also check your account or renew any loans on your own via Enterprise. Even though the LRC is closed you can get in touch with us through email

For any outstanding debts please check with the counter staff before payment when you are allowed back to the campus.