The best decision of my life

If you want me to summarise my one academic year life in Reading, I probably will use three words to highlight this unforgettable experience here: challenge-able, self-developed, enjoyable. Coming to the University of Reading for this year is absolutely the best decision in my life.

Firstly, it is challenge-able as I am a student coming from China, where people speak a totally different language and share different culture and traditions. So going to a completely different country and using a different language to study and live for the first time on my own is really a big challenge. But when I came here, all faculty I met here were so kind and nice, that they help me to adapt myself into this new environment so quickly.

When it comes to my second word, my point is that the University of Reading has made me a well-rounded person. During time here, I learned how to cook, how to organise my life in order, and also how to make friends with people coming from different countries. Also, I developed a lot of skills academically as I finished 5 research papers here all on my own and for most of them I got a first class grade.

Finally, life here is really enjoyable. As Your Halls Life and Study Abroad have organised so many activities during my staying here. These activities broadened my horizons, helped me get a deeper understanding in the UK and also allowed me to meet my best friend, Connie! There is never an end for my staying and memories here at the University of Reading. I will cherish all my memories here and definitely will come back one day in the future to thank everything happened here. If you are also a student who considers about an exchange program, Study Abroad Programme at the University of Reading is really a nice choice.

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