Propagation Bench

New plants, new diversity

Most of this glasshouse is landscaped to help give a feel for what it might be like to visit a tropical area but we still need to be able to care for small or difficult to grow plants and to propagate some of the plants in the beds.  The propagation area is reserved for plants we can’t or don’t want to plant out, sometimes because we need to take the plants into practical classes.

Growing plants in individual pots allows each plant to have its own special compost mix, or to allow it to grow bigger before it gets planted with more established specimens.

  • Most plants can be naturally cloned by taking cuttings that will grow new roots
  • Some plants, most obviously annuals need to be grown from seed
  • A new pineapple plant can be grown from from the leafy top
  • Sweet potatoes are swollen roots unlike normal potatoes, which are stems.
QR code for the propagation bench

QR code for the propagation bench

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