New book on “Biodiversity in Ecosystems – Linking Structure and Function” by Dr Shovonlal Roy

A new book on “Biodiversity in Ecosystems – Linking Structure and Function” coedited by Dr Shovonlal Roy has just been published. All the chapters of the book can be accessed freely from the following link:


“The term biodiversity has become a mainstream concept that can be found in any newspaper at any given time. Concerns on biodiversity protection are usually linked to species protection and extinction risks for iconic species, such as whales, pandas and so on. However, conserving biodiversity has much deeper implications than preserving a few (although important) species. Biodiversity in ecosystems is tightly linked to ecosystem functions such as biomass production, organic matter decomposition, ecosystem resilience, and others. Many of these ecological processes are also directly implied in services that the humankind obtains from ecosystems. The first part of this book will introduce different concepts and theories important to understand the links between ecosystem function and ecosystem biodiversity. The second part of the book provides a wide range of different studies showcasing the evidence and practical implications of such relationships.”

You can read more about Shovonlal at his staff profile.