Introducing the University’s Wellbeing book collection

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Our wellbeing collection may be able to help

Thanks to a generous donation from the Alumni and Supporter Engagement Team, the University Library has been developing a collection of books and e-books that fall under the general wellbeing category. We hope this will be of benefit to as many students and staff as possible – and be used in conjunction with all the other support services available at the University.

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We have a wide range of books about wellbeing to choose from

Students and staff have been providing recommendations for this collection throughout 2022, helping us to make it as broad as possible. We have bought 100s of items on topics from mindfulness and mental health to student life and resilience. From stress and anxiety to autism and ADHD.

Take a look at the list of everything we’ve purchased so far –  Wellbeing books 2022.


It is a living and growing collection so if you spot an area that you think is missing, or can recommend a book that has helped you, it’s not too late to add to the collection. Simply fill in the book details on this suggestion form.


You may find a useful gem that could inspire you or help you get back on track. There are so many fantastic books that can provide all sorts of help, but don’t forget our brilliant Counselling and Wellbeing service based in the Carrington building on Whiteknights campus. They work throughout the year to help with a wide range of issues. The service offers support including one-to-one (either face to face, on the phone or over Teams), groups, workshops, online guidance and onward referrals to other support services, and is open to all registered students (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the University, free of charge.

Counselling and Wellbeing service – A guide to accessing the service.


Tim Chapman

Diversity and Inclusion Lead

University of Reading Library, September 2022.