University of Reading Visiting Speaker Sessions

Spring Term 2024
Thursdays 2-3.50pm

Talk details will be continuously updated on this page.

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Date &
Speaker Title Abstract
11/01/2024 EM 301 David Oderberg (Reading) In Defence of Panmoralism Abstract
18/01/2024 MILLER G19 Mary Leng (York) Silencing and Gender Critical Speech Abstract
25/01//2024  MILLER G19 Daisy Dixon (Cardiff) The Aesthetic Slur
01/02/2024 EM 126 Luke Elson (Reading) Carbon Offsets and Shifting Harms Abstract
08/02/2024 EM 175 Sarah Fisher (UCL)  

Large Language Models and their Big Bullshit Potential

15/02/2024 READING WEEK
22/02/2024 EM 127 Anna Zielinska (University of Lorraine, Nancy) Political Psychology and PTSD. Understanding the fragilities of young democracies Abstract

2.05pm REMOTE
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Philip Goff (Durham)
A Conceivability Argument Against the Existence of God
07/03/2024 EM 175 Paul Griffiths (Sydney) Sex as a Process Abstract
14/03/2024 EM 124 Heather Browning (Southampton) How Do We Set Thresholds for Animal Welfare? Abstract
21/03/2024 EM 301 Laura Gow (Liverpool) The Unavoidable Non-veridicality of Colour Experience’ Abstract