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2012-2013 Plant Diversity MSc student at Reading University

Lentibulariaceae (The Bladderwort Family)

Overview Lentibulariaceae are herbaceous, terrestrial, epiphytic or aquatic carnivorous plants. The leaves can be alternate, scattered on stolons or whorled in rosettes, entire or divided, and sometimes heterophyllous (different shaped leaves on same plant). The inflorescences are terminal or lateral, … Continue reading

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Manihot glaziovii & Manihot esculenta – Two shrubs with history

There are 98 known species of Manihot which are native to the neotropics, between Arizona and Argentina according to Rogers and Appan (1973). Manihot (often referred to as Cassava) are in the Euphorbiaceae family, also known as the spurge family, which contains 300 genera, and … Continue reading

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