Staying Safe & Healthy During The Winter Months

The lake on campus covered in snow

With the winter quickly approaching, the weather is getting colder, it gets dark earlier and it’s easy to get ill or catch the flu. The end of the term is also a time for exams and deadlines, which can be a little stressful and intimidating. However it’s not all bad, there’s also plenty of festive things to enjoy and the winter holiday to look forward to! To stay safe and healthy for the upcoming holidays, combat the winter cold and weather, and stay mentally healthy during this period, I will share some tips and tricks here.

Firstly, the winter brings about cold and harsh weather as well as getting dark earlier in the day. This can lead to a lack of Vitamin D and feeling down and tired. To stay safe and healthy during this weather, remember to keep the heating on and make plenty of warming recipes with lots of vegetables and nutrients. Add to this a good rest and sleep to ensure your immune system is working at its optimum to minimise the risk of getting ill. Exercise and keeping active will also help, as well as keeping you warm and feeling both physically and mentally better. Remember to treat yourself too, for example some hot chocolate or festive treats to make the most of winter. One of the benefits of the winter months is plenty of delicious festive food to keep cosy and warm! As well as this, you can find joy in the fun and pretty decorations with twinkling lights and cheerful music, and spend time with friends and family during the holiday.

If you are travelling a lot outside, for example taking public transport, remember to layer and bundle up (e.g. scarves, gloves, thick socks, thick coat, umbrella) and check timetables to make sure you aren’t waiting in the cold too long. December will bring about colder weather which means it’s all too easy to feel ill, so prepare your winter clothes in the upcoming weeks. In addition to this, as it gets dark early, keep safe outside by checking to find well-lit paths and avoid dark areas in case of unknown dangers. Keep your phone about you and plan a route beforehand as well as being aware of your surroundings. This lack of sunlight may also cause you to feel down and disheartened, so make sure to stay connected with friends and family, rest and take breaks to do things you enjoy.

Finally, with the end of the term coming up, you may have a lot of deadlines and assessments coming up, which can feel stressful and intimidating. To make sure you are working your best, it’s important to stay healthy – so get plenty of rest and take breaks whenever needed. Keep yourself well-fed with nutritious food with plenty of fruit/veg and vitamins to improve both physical and mental health, as well as being able to concentrate better. Staying in contact with friends and family can also improve your mental health and help you unwind. Remember that there are also positive things up ahead after exams, such as a long winter break and any festivities you celebrate! If you feel as though you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact student support:

The winter months can be a difficult period for many, with cold weather and less sunshine, however you can stay safe and healthy and do your best to combat against this. Keep warm, ensure you have plenty of rest as well as keeping active (both physically and socially!) and take the winter holiday to enjoy yourself.

To prepare for the upcoming winter months, you can gather your winter clothes/essentials in advance (e.g. scarves, gloves, thick socks, thick coat, umbrella) to bundle up as it starts to get colder. Make sure you have any medicine you need in case you get ill, and you can also look for some nice warming winter recipes to keep yourself cosy. If you feel as though you are struggling, don’t hesitate to contact student support:

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