Newsletter Item: Top tips for increasing employability

Increasing Employability

Moneesah Siddiqi writes:

  1. Be in the know: Subscribe to email newsletters such as TargetJobs and Milkround. Ensure you have read around to find out the jobs that are out there and best suited to you.
  2. Join the Bright Futures Society: Attend Bright Futures career events or other career related networking events so that you can network with potential employers whilst asking them questions about each job sector. Skills based sessions such as CV workshops and Mock Assessments will also be held.
  3. Participate in extra-curricular activities: This will show employers that you have an enviable list of skills other than academia. You will end up with lots to talk about during interviews and applications.
  4. Take note of how you come across during group work: Think about the type of group member you are e.g. Leader, Organiser, Time Keeper etc. You can then talk about this in your applications. Group work is an important feature of careers so communicating with your peers is essential.
  5. Quality of applications: Always take the time to research a company before investing the time to apply for a job. It is better to tailor each application to a smaller amount of appropriate companies rather than using the same general answers for many different companies.

Moneesah Siddiqi, President of the Bright Futures Society, BA English Language, Part 3

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