SINATRA meeting

HannahCloke_w By Prof. Hannah Cloke (University of Reading)
28th November 2014

Last week 45 flood scientists and stakeholders came together from across the UK (and beyond) for the Annual SINATRA science meeting in the ‘Beehive’ at Newcastle University (18-20 November, 2014).
Presentations and scientific discussions were wide ranging and included progress in flood model development, how to catch floods in the field, the challenges of using remotely sensed hydrological data in data assimilation, new high temporal resolution archives of rainfall and river flow, narratives of flooding from old archives, flood process representation in land surface models, atmospheric drivers of floods in the UK, the impact of the spatial distribution of rainfall on morphological change and flood risk, the challenges of verifying the impacts of flooding and bringing together our knowledge on flooding from intense rainfall. Keep your eye on this blog for more information on these!

Postdocs and PhDs on SINATRA had the opportunity to showcase their work on investigating catchment susceptibility to flooding from intense rainfall, and it was great to see some new collaborations forming over posters.





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