Year and Journal FFIR Authors Status title and link
2019 – Atmosphere Dance, Ballard, Bannister, Clark, Cloke, Darlington, Flack, Gray, Hawkness-Smith, Husnoo, Illingworth, Kelly, Lean, Li, Nichols, Nicol, Oxley, Plant, Roberts, Roulstone, Simonin, Thompson and Waller published Improvements in Forecasting Intense Rainfall: Results from the FRANC (Forecasting Rainfall Exploiting New Data Assimilation Techniques and Novel Observations of Convection) Project
2015 – QJRMS Waller, Dance, Nichols published Theoretical insight into diagnosing observation error correlations using observation-minus-background and observation-minus-analysis statistics
2016 – International Journal of Climatology Blenkinsop, Fowler published An hourly precipitation dataset and climatology of extremes for the UK
2015 – Journal of Geophysical Research Champion, Allan published Atmospheric Rivers don’t explain UK Summer Extreme Rainfall
2016 – Int. J. Climatol Allan, Champion published Diagnosing links between atmospheric moisture and extreme daily precipitation over the UK
2015 – Computer and Mathematics with Applications Liang published Numerical error control for second order explicit TVD scheme with limiters in advection simulation
2015 – Remote Sensing of Env. Mason, Garcia-Pintado, Cloke, Bates published Improving the TanDEM-X Digital Terrain Model for flood modelling using flood extents from Synthetic Aperture Radar images
2015 – Frontiers in Earth Science Mason, Garcia-Pintado, Cloke, Dance published The potential of flood forecasting using a
variable-resolution global Digital Terrain Model and flood extents from Synthetic Aperture Radar images.
2015 – Geophysical Research Letters Cloke published Precipitation and floodiness
2015 – ??? O’Donnell in review What knowledge is necessary in rainfall–runoff modelling? A knowledge experiment
2016 – Monthly Weather Review Waller, Simonin, Dance, Nichols, Ballard published Diagnosing observation error correlations for Doppler radar radial winds in the Met Office UKV model using observation-minus-background and observation-minus-analysis statistics.
2016 – Remote Sensing Waller, Ballard, Dance, Nichols, Simonin published Diagnosing observation error correlations for SEVIRI observations in the Met Office UKV model observation-minus-background and observation-minus-analysis statistics
2017 – Agriculture and Forest Meteorology Dance, Nichols published Investigating the role of prior and observation error correlations in improving a model forecast of forest carbon balance using four dimensional variational data assimilation
2017 – QJRMS Dance, Nichols, Waller published Diagnosing Atmospheric Motion Vector observation errors in an operational high resolution data assimilation system
2016 – QJRMS Flack, Plant, Gray, Lean, Craig published Characterisation of convective regimes over the British Isles
2015 – Journal of Flood Risk Management Archer, Fowler published Characterising flash flood response to intense rainfall and impacts using historical information and gauged data in Britain
2017 – Hydrology Research Archer, Parkin, Fowler published Assessing long term flash flooding frequency using historical information
2016 – J Geophys. Res Allan published Interannual Variability in the Summertime Hydrological Cycle over European Regions
2015 – Geophys. Res. Lett Allan published Revisiting Trends in Wetness and Dryness in the Presence of Internal Climate Variability and Water Limitations Over Land
2016 – Geomorphology Liang in review A new non-hydrostatic depth-averaged model for flow-like landslides over complex terrain
2016 – Water Resources Research Liang in review An efficient well-balanced shallow flow model with novel source term discretisations for overland flow simulations
2016 – Quinn et al. in prep Development of a flexible coupled hydrological-hydrodynamic model for the UK
2016 – Earth Surface Dynamics Coulthard, Skinner in press The sensitivity of landscape evolution models to spatial and temporal rainfall resolution
2016 – Geophysical Research Abstracts Mueller, Verhoef, Cloke published Simulation of infiltration and redistribution of intense rainfall using  Land Surface Models
2016 – Journal of Hydrology Demeritt (2nd author) published Defining the hundred year flood: A Bayesian approach for using historic data to reduce uncertainty in flood frequency estimates