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Dr Wing-Man Lau


Research paper:

Ng, K. W., Lau, W. M. and Williams, A. C. (2015) Towards pain-free diagnosis of skin diseases through multiplexed microneedles: biomarker extraction and detection using a highly sensitive blotting method. Drug Delivery and Translational Research ISSN 2190-393X doi: 10.1007/s13346-015-0231-5

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Book chapter:

Ng, KW and Lau, WM. Skin deep: The basics of human skin structure and drug penetration. In: Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers Chemical Methods in Penetration Enhancement. Editors: Nina Dragicevic, Howard I. Maibach. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.3-11.

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Glowing review of book chapter written by Pharmacy Practice academic!

We are delighted to read the positive review of the book chapter entitled “Research methodologies related to pharmacy practice –An Overview“. The chapter is written by Dr Parastou Donyai and is published in the book “Pharmacy practice research methods”. The reviewer states “In the second chapter, Parastou Donyai takes you through the different methodologies of the book with great insight….Especially the first two chapters are worth reading repeatedly, and advocate the field of pharmacy practice research very well.”

The book “Pharmacy practice research methods” is edited by Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar and published by Adis/Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2015, ISBN 978 3 319 14671 3.

The formal review of the book was written by the editor of the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy (IJCP), J. W. F. van Mil and published in May 2015. It can be accessed here:

Dr Parastou Donyai is the Director of Pharmacy Practice at Reading School of Pharmacy.