PhD Student Charlie Suitters on postgraduate study

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Full Name: Charlie Suitters

Undergraduate Course: Meteorology and Climate with a Year in Oklahoma

What type of postgraduate study did you do/are you doing? PhD in Atmosphere and Oceans

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What is the title of your postgraduate course:

Blocking Anticyclones

Why did you decide to undertake postgraduate study:

I liked doing independent research, and it is so rewarding to produce results at the end of your own work after all the effort you put in.

Why did you choose to do postgraduate study at Reading?

I am familiar with the department and the place. Reading is also one of the best places to do meteorology, and the titles it offered me were very appealing.

What has been the best thing about doing postgraduate study?

The independence, and setting your own working hours (though this might just be working from home life in general!). Also, the research groups and seminars mean it’s not all about research, there is ‘downtime’ too

What tips would you give to someone considering applying for postgraduate study?

Do it! but be sure it is something you want to go into, especially if it’s a PhD. It is very different to undergrad and is a long 3-4 years of commitment, so you have to be driven and determined, and certain that this is what you want to do

How did your UROP experience influence your decision to go on to postgraduate study?

Hugely! My UROP experience gave me a taste of what a life of research was like, and I enjoyed it so much that it gave me the confidence to go for it.