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New to screencast technology? Get started by watching our series of one minute ‘how to’ screencast videos.

How to get started with Camtasia in 60 Seconds ↓








How to get started with Prezi in 60 seconds ↓

Prezi guide









How to get started with PowToon in 60 (ish) seconds ↓

Prezi guide







How to make a screencast in under ten minutes (4 minutes actually!)↓

How to cam

What is in 60 seconds ↓


How to record video feedback ↓

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  1. I have a ‘How to’ question:

    Do you know if it’s possible to overlay an alternative narration to a pre-existing video?

    The reason behind this question is that I have a speaking task idea for language learners. The task idea is for them to narrate a short YouTube video. They would usually do this live in the classroom with the video in mute, but it would be nice if they could overlay their narration outside of class and submit it as a complete package.

    • It’s definitely technically possible. Within Camtasia Studio it’s possible to mute or remove an audio track and then add in a new audio track. However, this would first of all require that the original video file can be downloaded, and that students have access to the Camtasia Studio software.

      In many cases, working with preexisting video files is easier with video editing software, rather than screencapture software.

      I know what you mean, though, and have seen Chinese students using “iShow dubbing” ( to do exactly that sort of thing — recording a narrative over a preexisting video. I’ve never looked around for other systems that do that, though.

      • A bit late to this thread but thought it worth mentioning – it’s possible to add separate audio to a pre-existing video using Windows Movie Maker (part of Windows Essentials, free to install on Windows PC).

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