The German Drama Group

Three students of German Studies, Katie Fountain, Chris Flach and Steph King departed on a journey of the unknown and joined the German Drama Group in September 2015. During that journey, they haved experienced a new style of drama, including physical theatre, dance and movement, while improving their German language skills.

This is what Katie Fountain, second year student of German and Italian, is saying about her experience: “The play is devised by DAAD-Lektorin Sandra Beer, who has a background in Performance Studies and encouraged us to think of creative and ambiguous ways to portray various themes such as love, social media and isolation. For me, it has been an enlightening experience to experiment with new theatrical methods.”

Chris Flach adds: ”As someone who only had experience with traditional theatre, the German Drama Group provided me with an exciting new challenge. The elements of  physical theatre and dance have been fun to experiment with and have given me a new perspective on theatre as a whole. All this while improving my German speaking skills!”

Theater_GDG copiaSteph King says: “ Before the beginning of this project, I had never taken part in any serious drama work so it has been a new and interesting experience for me. It has been a pleasure working and coming up with creative ideas with the team. I hope everyone else watching will enjoy it as much as we have putting it together!”

After the first few months of workshops, it became clear that ideas were merging into what looked like could evolve into an innovative and entertaining performance. Having experimented with different texts and topics during the workshops, we discovered that the effects of social media and technology on society, particularly in our generation, captured our imagination. Therefore, we wanted to further explore the effects of modern technology on the individual and interactions with others through elements of dance, music, media and language. Loosely based on the story and central themes of Faust by Goethe, two individuals find themselves lonely and dissatisfied with life and searching for love in the 21st century. Pushed together by unknown forces, they soon realise that nothing is what it seems.

If you would like to embark on our adventure and are curious, get connected with us and come to our performance #Disconnected, which will take place on 22 March at 7.45pm in 3Sixty.