Careers digital resources round-up



Round-up written by a University of Reading Student Ambassador

The University of Reading Careers service supports students in exploring any future career options to prepare them for life after graduation.

Partnered tools are an avenue where they work with known companies to provide insight, tools and resources, helping you enter into the working world. By working with these companies, students are not only able to search for opportunities but prepare for them as well!

Here’s a list of all their partnered digital tools that you have access to…

Graduates First logo

Graduates First

Psychometric tests and job assessment preparation – these tests are common when applying for roles, and practice can raise scores to impress employers. Graduates First also offers other job assessment preparation tools including verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning tests and an assessment centre exercise.

This tool is applicable for anyone applying anywhere as practising will raise awareness of the interview process, thus increasing confidence and awareness. More specifically aimed at people who will be facing any type of psychometric assessment as part of the recruitment process.

Carrington and Palmer buildings at night and forage logo


A resource bringing you virtual experience programmes designed by leading companies, offering an insight into the job environment and the companies themselves. Hypothetical tasks are given to complete, with assisting resources that simulate an actual job, allowing users to explore what is best for them, which sort of environment, role, or company they would like to go into. Skills of competency and experience are great to show employers, as well as the ability to learn by using initiative to do courses such as the ones available on Forage.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is well-known as a strong reputable social media platform to showcase academic and career-led achievements. Led by them is LinkedIn Learning which offers courses for your learning and development. The University of Reading themselves have recommended courses to help boost employability but students are not limited to these as all students are licensed and have access to many other courses on the platform to gain knowledge. This tool benefits all students and has focused the resources into three categories: Business, Technology & Creative. As with all these tools, adding them to a LinkedIn profile would be possible and the integration of this, in particular, makes it easy, and helps boost your portfolio.

Future learn logo

Future Learn

A collection of short online courses available in every discipline to gain knowledge and expand on certificates to show competency and eagerness to learn.

This tool is advantageous for anyone trying to learn as it has short courses in many different areas with a structured but very flexible timetable to be able to fit into a busy lifestyle.

A certificate is available at the end of every course and makes it easy to showcase achievements and keep track of any courses done, there is no limit to the number of courses that you can take.

*Select courses can be found on the UoR FutureLearn Campus.

Available until December 2021.

GoinGlobal logo


Career planning for elsewhere in the world. As the name GoinGlobal suggests, this tool provides advice, guides, and listings for all over the globe.

Helpful for international students wanting to pursue a job at home or any UK students & graduates that are exploring the idea of going abroad, resources are available to help with this.

Professional advice including; salary ranges and living costs can be evaluated,  planning process when finding a job, important things to consider when looking at moving abroad such as visas and work permits. This resource can help give you information, and practical advice for working just about anywhere in the world.

Student Circus Logo

Student Circus

The student circus job portal for international students lists jobs and opportunities available.

It is aimed specifically at international students to help the hurdles they face when searching for roles, which can be different to UK-based students. Helping guide career decisions, Student Circus is not just for jobs, but also placements and internships.

LockIn China logo

Lockin China

This resource helps you to find jobs in China, and is open to students who would like to explore working there but is mainly focused on students who have the relevant language skillset. The university works with this company to help provide resources and information about news and the job market in China, with networking opportunities with HR’s and employers to get recruited.

Internal digital resources to support you…

As well as partnering with outside companies, the University of Reading Careers have their own internal tools to help their students and graduates.


Events for career training, 1-1 appointments, and job and placement adverts are all available on this platform.

Available for all students & graduates, to benefit them and prepare them with knowledge from how to write a CV effectively, to interview skills, as well as being able to practice interviews 1-1, this resource is a must and very helpful throughout the duration of university and beyond. These events also count for the RED award.

To access MyJobsOnline for up to 24 months after you graduate, make sure you have signed up for a graduate account.

Careers Website

A platform to discover what the job world offers, the options that are out there, and which one is right for you. Every student would benefit from this resource as their career can be a daunting subject and exploring and understanding what is right for you is important. Any help needed with applications, work experience, or developing skills, as well as a gateway to all career services and information, is available on the website. Careers are also easily reachable by email, phone, or social media. This site in itself consists of many others such as MyJobsOnline, Career Smart, and the RED Award.

Campus Jobs Portal

Job listings available for students looking for part-time work on Campus that are flexible and prioritize students’ timetables. As a student, managing time may be difficult and a part-time job in town may be asking for a lot of hours, so Campus Jobs offers a variety of available jobs to suit students, such as being an ambassador for the university or working at Park Bar. Not only this, but part-time jobs off-campus are available and everything to help with careers in terms of work experience and graduate roles.

Careers 24/7 Blackboard

Available on the main blackboard site, seen on the right-hand side of the screen, Careers 24/7 has webinars, workshop materials, screencasts and careers help all in one place. There are particular sections for international and finalist students but is useful for all levels. Shortlist.Me is available for practicing video interview skills as well as career guides.

Careers blog

Updates and news on a variety of topics surrounding careers are posted on here, from not only the perspectives of students, but staff and employers in the industries too. Regular updates are available for all students or anyone trying to kick-start their career, by using the information about employer profiles, competitions, careers events, and recommendations users can educate themselves and stay up to date with current news career-wise and anything the University of Reading is planning for events. The various perspectives introduce interesting and well-rounded advice.

The University of Reading provides various digital careers tools for students to benefit them in various ways as shown above: from gaining knowledge, exploring different avenues to supporting them currently with any help needed with applications or doubts faced. It is highly encouraged to make the best of these resources, as a student myself I have used many of them and have never regretted it, for example, Campus Jobs have provided me with an opportunity to write this article showcasing the digital careers tools available for students.