10:20 27/06/16 Phishing calls coming into UoR extensions

We have been getting reports of phishing calls coming into staff extensions from people claiming falsely to be from ‘Microsoft IT Support’. The person may ask to remotely access your computer to fix a problem. These calls are not genuine and should be ended straight away. If you are unsure about a call coming to you; hang-up and call our service desk directly on 0118 378 6262 or extension 6262.


10:30 16/06/16 New spam email alert.

We have been getting reports of a new malicious spam email arriving in UoR inboxes. The email looks to be from the IT service desk and tells you that your account has been signed in from an unknown location and asks you to follow a link to remedy this. This email was not sent from the UoR service desk and is attempting to steal your personal information. Do not click any links or open any attachments within this email.

The email looks like this:


The email address appears to be from a ‘reading.ac.uk’ email address but this has been spoofed to appear this way. This is not an email from our service desk and should be deleted immediately.

Always check your emails thoroughly before opening media or links contained within them;

  • Do you recognise the sender?
  • Are you expecting to receive this email?
  • Does it look official?

If in doubt, do not open the email and consult the Service Desk on 0118 378 6262 or extension 6262 and they will be happy to advise you.



12:00 14/06/15 Phishing campaign targeting university students

It has been brought to our attention that there is a new phishing email scam being directed at students. We remind everyone to stay vigilant when screening your emails and to not open any attachments from emails where you do not recognise the sender.

A full story can be found here with more tips on how to stay safe when sending and receiving email.

If you have any concerns and would like to talk to someone about this issue please contact the service desk on 0118 378 6262 or extension 6262.